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Islamic Pantheism is the appreciation of nature and of the universe.It combines many teachings of modern science and implements these teachings into Islamic faith. Similar to the ways of Islamic scholars such as: Averroes, Ibn al-Nafis and Ibn Arabi.[1] Islamic Pantheism is a modern Islamic movement which believes that God does exist and even contacted humans, However he will not make such contact again with humans until after the return of the Messiah.Islamic Pantheism teaches that Muslims should be prosperous citizens of the modern world and that they should not in any way support extremist violence wherever it may be.It also teaches that Muslims should not be blinded by religion or blinded by this world, however encourages them to develop this world as much as they can for the greater good of others. It also teaches that all humans are brothers and sisters and that humans as a species should care for each other and aid the development of each other.It also teaches that there is possibly life on other worlds and that this life may also be intelligent, not to be confused with Jinn who are different beings altogether in Islamic Mythology.

The number of supporters for Islamic Pantheism is extremely low, but is growing thanks to modern movements gaining momentum, particularly within beliefs such as Sufism.


Islamic Pantheism is a world movement which was originally (partially) founded by Averroes and known as Averroism however due to war throughout the Muslim world one of them being the Mongol invasion lead to the eventual downfall of development of philosophy, mathematics and science.[3] The new world movement originally started by speech throughout the Muslim world the one piece of evidence we have is of an online group on a social networking site which openly voices that they are Islamic pantheists. Although they are small they seek to restore peace and prosperity through science and philosophy not just pure religion.They also believe in animal rights and human rights and that every human being is equal no matter race, religion or gender.

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